You are already a giver. You donate to causes that you care about every year. Through Karuna, in addition to gifting resources to the causes you care about, give motivation to people you care about or a complete stranger to change their lives for the better. The entire Karuna model is catalyzed by you, the Sponsor.


For givers

Who want to multiply their impact

Karuna is a platform

That enables your charitable contributions to empower people to adopt healthy behavior as they are transferred to the causes you support.

Unlike other fundraising platforms,

Karuna shows you your impact in real-time with full transparency and accountability.


The Karuna Model

Karuna_Infographic_Karuna Graphic.png

Why Karuna?


Multiply the impact of your donation by inspiring healthier individuals and communities as your donation is en route to the non-profit of your choice.


You can donate to multiple causes through the Karuna platform, receiving a tax exemption immediately upon your commitment of funds.


Not everyone has financial resources that they can give to others, some of us have time. The Karuna model works with time, just as it works with money. For example, you can donate 10 hours of your time to volunteering with a local charity that a Doer can unlock as they complete their healthy behavior intention.


See personalized informatics in real-time on the impact of your giving. Both the healthy habits your donation has catalyzed and how recipients are using your donation.


We envision local communities of sponsors, doers and recipients coming together in the physical world around shared values and vision for their community.

Do you consider yourself compassionate? Altruistic? Generous? If you do, we would like you to experience the Karuna community and platform as part of a future pilot. Please fill out the form below to receive an invitation as we begin to launch pilots.