Karuna mission

Our Vision

Empowering a world in which everyone belongs to healthy and connected communities that collectively respond, innovate, and adapt to challenges.

Karuna community

Our Mission

We empower healthy, resilient individuals and communities by reinforcing the link between personal wellbeing and the wellbeing of our communities.

Karuna community team

Our Intention

Just like each member of the Karuna community, our team has a daily intention. Intentions are small actions that add up over time to create healthy habits and strengthen communities. Our intention is to approach every interaction and decision with transparency, empathy and humility.

Karuna, a For-profit Social Purpose Company

At Karuna, we are committed to being a model social venture that exists in that sweet spot where impact is the priority, and sustainable, long-term revenue is a given. We have intentionally built Karuna as a sustainable business that does not need to rely on in-kind resources, because we believe that the future of business depends on organizations that have resolved the apparent trade-off between financial viability and providing genuine value to humanity. We aspire to provide future companies with a transparent example of this trajectory.