Greater Fundraising Reach

Instead of just getting donations from people who care about your cause…empower people who care about your cause to help fundraise for you, while helping themselves. By connecting donations from friends and family to their individual healthy behaviors you gift your supporters the motivation to change their life for the better.

Every day he plays his guitar, his Mom donates $1 to Musicians Without Borders

Every day she does to her exercise class, her best friend donates $1 to their favorite non-profit.

Every week he goes to group therapy, his son volunteers one hour at a local non-profit.

How It Works

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For non-profits

Who want their supporters to thrive as well as their beneficiaries

Karuna is a platform

That enables steady streams of cash flow generated from individual fundraisers that gifts your fundraisers the motivation to be healthy

Unlike other fundraising platforms,

Karuna leads to higher levels of engagement with mission-aligned donors while fostering intimate connection and belonging within your community of supporters.



Greater Reach

Karuna enables a Doer that cares about your cause, but doesn’t have personal resources they can give, to unlock the resources of a family member or friend that may or may not care about the cause, but cares deeply about the health and well-being of the Doer.

Increased Engagement

Interact with your community of Doers and Sponsors through the platform, sharing your stories of success and inspiring them to contribute more, through resources and/or healthy behaviors.

Tailored Motivation

We tailor the motivational mechanics for your community of Doers and Sponsors optimizing the platform to center around your mission and desired engagement.

Personalized Feedback

Karuna provides personalized reports on healthy habits progress and impact of charitable giving to each sponsor and doer to provide the ideal motivation for their continued engagement based on their personal preferences.


Karuna’s platform inspires community and belonging within your network of supporters to strengthen ties and relationships through the platform that flourish outside of it.

Steady Funding

Instead of variable large donations, the steady unlocking of funds as Doers complete their daily health intentions equals a steady and reliable source of funds.

Give Time

Not everyone has financial resources that they can give to others, some of us have time. The Karuna model works with time, just as it works with money. For example, a Sponsor can donate 10 hours of their time to volunteering with your non-profit. For non-profits that depend heavily on volunteers, the Karuna model can boost volunteering while growing your community of supporters.

If you are interested in using the Karuna model to run a new fundraising campaign, please contact us using the form below or email

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