Bringing belonging, connection and authentic wellness back into the workplace

There is an inherent link between loneliness and the workplace, with employers in a unique position to be a critical part of the solution.
— Douglas Nemecek, M.D., Chief medical officer, Cigna

In a 2018 study, nearly half of Americans report sometimes or always feeling alone.

In 2016, 40 million American adults had an anxiety disorder and 14.8 million experienced major depression.

In 2017 Americans spent over $2 Trillion on health care for preventable chronic diseases.

Loneliness leads to greater anxiety, stress, depression and general mental health illnesses resulting in an increased occurrence of chronic diseases.

Every time he goes for a walk after work, he unlocks $1 for his local food bank.

Every day the team eats lunch together, they unlock $10 for Habitat for Humanity

Every week she goes to her meditation group, she unlocks $5 to Girls Not Brides


Karuna addresses the upstream drivers of mental health and chronic illness through building community, belonging and enabling employee healthy habits to directly benefit people in need.

The Karuna model enables you to tackle loneliness, mental health and chronic illness together before they affect your bottom line.

How It Works

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Community, connection and belonging are vital to countering the loneliness and mental health epidemics plaguing workplaces across America. The latin derivation of the word community is cum = together and munus = giving. The derivation of community is giving together. Anthropologists have found that giving among each other is the key to community building.


Why Karuna

Shared Values

You and your employees select the causes that you both want to support as they complete their healthy behavior intentions. Your corporate charity is used to inspire healthier employees as it goes out to do good in the world

Health Goals

You work with your employees to co-develop the healthy behaviors that your employees are most passionate about adopting and your organization is most interested in influencing.

Motivational Mechanics™

Karuna’s team of social psychologists and behavioral scientists tailor the motivational mechanics for your employees to inspire them to form healthy habits from getting them in the door, to sustaining their newly adopted habit.


Karuna inspires your employees to form community, finding belonging and fulfillment in supporting each other to achieve personal and group healthy habit formation. Karuna aims to counter the loneliness epidemic that is a major driver of the  current behavioral health crisis affecting many workplaces.

Personalized Feedback

Karuna gives personalized feedback to employees on their healthy habit progress and their do-gooder impact to provide personalized motivation for each individual and team based on their preferences.

Detailed Analytics

Karuna provides you with detailed reports and analytics of behavioral outcomes for each individual and each team on your platform.

Meaning and Purpose

Bring your employees together around a collective mission to help others while they help themselves. With the Karuna model, suddenly, each of their healthy activities serve a higher purpose beyond self-care.

Connection to Resources

Karuna provides your employees with helpful digital resources as well as external groups that can support them in achieving their specific health intention.



Apple, Google, Disney and many more Fortune 500 companies have volunteering matching programs where for every hour an employee volunteers at a non-profit, the company will donate to that same non-profit.

The Karuna platform enables you to extend this concept beyond volunteering to any healthy behavior, see the behavior adoption in real-time and inspire employees to create community and experience genuine belonging with their colleagues.

For employers

Who want a healthier, more productive and inspired workforce

Karuna is a platform

That enables your corporate charity to empower your employees to adopt healthy behavior as your donations are transferred to the causes you and your employees care about.

Unlike other wellness platforms,

Karuna amplifies your employees innate desire to have a positive impact on the world and fosters the creation of community and a sense of belonging within your workforce.

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