We truly believe that most people, at their core, are compassionate, generous, and givers. Tap into the joy, belonging and a strong sense of meaning and purpose you derive from giving to others as you take better care of yourself.


For the do gooders of the world

Who want to take better care of themselves

Karuna is a platform

That converts your healthy behaviors into valuable resources that go to those in need

Unlike other fundraising platforms,

Karuna creates community for you to find belonging, support each other, and access resources that empower you to adopt healthy habits.


Every day she meditates, she raises $1 for Mindfulness in Schools.


Every night she doesn’t use her phone before bed, she raises $2 for The Humane Society.


Every week they go surfing together, they raise $5 for the Challenged Athletes Foundation

The Karuna Model

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What is a healthy intention?

Health incorporates so many facets of our lives. How you define your health and what activities are key to your being healthy is unique to you. We want you to choose health intentions that are most meaningful and valuable to you regardless of how common or uncommon they are in society. Intentions can run the gamut from going for a daily lunch walk, to calling your Mom every Sunday after dinner, to asking a stranger how their day is going on the subway ride home from work.

Use the Karuna model to motivate you to do any action or behavior you want to have more of in your life, for your health and the health of others.


For Karuna, the world would be a better place if your flourishing gifted others the resources to thrive.


Why Karuna?


Meaning and purpose are vital to our mental and emotional well-being. The Karuna model enables you to tap into a higher purpose for making changes in your life that extends far beyond you. A way for you to contribute to broader change in the world by simply engaging in simple healthy actions in your everyday life.


We are each unique in our motivations. Beyond the primary motivation of the Karuna model, the cause you want to support, Karuna allows you to experiment with other motivational mechanics. Do you like competing? Do you want to be on a team? Do you want to share your success with others? Karuna has a team of psychologists and behavioral scientists developing different combinations of motivational mechanics which you can try out to find what works best for you.


Karuna provides you with feedback on your health, habit forming progress and the resources you’ve unlocked for others, specifically tailored to you.


We believe that making changes in your lifestyle is much easier when you aren’t going it alone. At Karuna, you can find belonging in your community of doers, both on the platform and in the physical world, who support, inspire and empower each other to stick to intentions and form healthy habits.


Karuna’s habit forming approach is grounded in health intentions instead of health outcomes because your intention is where your sustained motivation lives. We encourage doers to break down their healthy habit goal into daily intentions that will engage and empower them through their intrinsic motivation to be healthy for themselves and for others. Live your intention with purpose, aligned with your personal values, and lifestyle change will come.


Karuna connects you with helpful digital resources, support groups and other available tools to help you stick to your healthy habit.


You can find support on Karuna for any kind of healthy habit that you want to adopt or any unhealthy habit you want to kick. You have 100% agency over your health. In addition to these traditional health focuses like exercise and eating healthy, we encourage you to propose healthy habits encompassing the full spectrum of holistic health and well-being. For example, eating dinner with friends/family, meditating, volunteering, using your phone less, the list goes on.

Do you consider yourself compassionate? Altruistic? Generous? If you do, we would like you to experience the Karuna community and platform as part of a future pilot, either as a Doer or a Sponsor. Please fill out the form below to receive an invitation as we begin to launch pilots.