The wellbeing platform that takes a community data-driven approach to diagnosing and reversing the student mental health crisis in higher education.



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Students reflect on their wellbeing through simple daily text messages.


Personal and community wellbeing reports offer insights and solidarity.


Anonymized daily data gives universities tools to identify drivers and develop solutions.

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Pilots currently underway at Stanford University

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We have a simple yet lofty goal: to reverse the downward trend in student wellbeing. In order to accomplish that we first need a better understanding of the underlying drivers for different student populations over time. Only with this information can we effectively design, target, and test potential solutions.

After talking to students, it felt like the best place to start was to get a daily pulse on the challenges students face. We hypothesize that these daily reflections will make it possible to identify themes and trends around student wellbeing that we can share to influence institutional action, prompt discussions about mental health, foster solidarity, and identify the daily wellbeing practices that are most effective for the community.

Daily texts and overall feedback from our users is forming the foundation of this collective effort. We want to hear what you envision for the future of Karuna. What would you like to see in the future? Let’s build this movement together!

-The Karuna Team